Want to buy a place together? Let us help.

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What it means to co-buy

The home-buying process is tough on most everybody. There are complex regulations and mountains of paperwork to handle. But for co-buyers—people who are not buying property as a single person or a married couple—the story is even more complicated.

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How to co-buy with confidence

Co-buy has expert professionals from across the real estate spectrum. We can help you secure joint financing, choose the right ownership structure, determine roles and responsibilities, establish what happens if circumstances change, and protect against risks that are unique to a joint purchase.

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The know-how to make it happen

CoBuy is backed by over 35 years of combined real estate and finance. We’ve done our research, consulted with industry experts, and systematically examined the risks associated with co-buying a home. We’ve identified and addressed consumer pain points, and worked to speed the process. We've dealt with co-buyers past and present, organizations across the residential real estate value chain, and local government. And we've listened.

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We take it step by step

Our platform minimizes the time and effort required and helps you navigate the process quickly and efficiently. Support is always available when you need it.

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We introduce you to the right people

You only deal with transparent, best-in-class lenders and real estate agents who are experienced specifically with co-buy transactions. There are no sales pitches and we make sure all our vetted professionals are worthy of your confidence.

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We keep you informed

CoBuy helps you consider important aspects of choosing a home. We understand every aspect of the process and will make sure you have everything you need to make key decisions.

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We give you a strong foundation

Want to avoid trouble down the line after you buy a home? We help you iron out answers to important questions about joint ownership ahead of time, so you can enjoy your new home with a clear head and a healthy plan.

Disclaimer: Cobuy, Inc is not a law firm and does not provide legal services or advice.